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Promotion & Package


Pre-Marriage check-up programStarting price 3,340 Baht.
Thyroid aberration check-up programStarting price 3,180 Baht.
Diabtes melitus screening programStarting price 1,720 Baht
Chronic Kidney Disease screening programStarting price 1,500 Baht
Work Permit Check-Up ProgramStarting price 1,240 Baht.
Breast cancer check-up programStarting Price 5,400 Baht.
Ovarain cancer is serious menaceStarting Price 6,100 Baht.
Digestive tube and Liver check-up programStarting Price 5,400 Baht.

Please make an appointment before coming in for a check-up as follow  
Contact:  International Marketing of Pattaya City Hospital
Tel: 038-103900 #1512