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Hospital Activities


Lady Bird International School

Date : 16 November 2015

What a wonderful day visiting these energetic students at Lady Birdy International School

John Morcom was a great host and organized our space very well. Lady Bird´s School is a great

learning environment and has a great feeling for their wonderful kids.

The teachers and assistants are very kind people and seem to care very much about the growth of

the students.

Our First Response Emergency/first aid nurses Khun Oak and Khun Bird gave a very great

informative demo on infant and adolescent CPR and caring for the students when they are sick.

Also they had special Hospital Whale prizes for the students who got involved in the activities and

also answered the Q&A, the kids loved the whales. After the Q&A session they took the kids

outside to play some more games that dealt with taking care of their bodies

Our pediatric specialist Dr. May, is also a children’s Psychologist, took the stage to talk personally

and direct with the parents children directly about the growth of their children both mentally and

physically. The response was great; the parents were sharing their experience with their kids and

their daily issues as parents of these great kids.

The parents walked about away with great new look on how to care for their kids as well as we

walked away with a great feeling in our heart for these kids and their family. It was a touching day,

and as it was give and take…we care with our heart

We thank John Morcom and Lady´s Bird School once again for this opportunity.

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